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HARP Program

The HARP program is designed to assist resident homeowners ages 60 years+; persons with disabilities of any age; and those families that have a family member serving in active duty in the Armed Services maintain their home and help them remain independent in their own home for as long as possible. Quality of life is enhanced by making homes safer and by reducing some of the stress involved in making minor home repairs.

The work is done by registered volunteers who will perform minor, basic repairs which may include the following:

  • Furnace filter replacement
  • Gutter repair
  • Replace electrical outlets
  • Install smoke detectors
  • Replace faucets 
  • Toilet repair
  • Replace garbage disposal
  • Window caulking 
  • Install storm windows
  • Replace light fixture
  • Repair drywall
  • Grab bar installation
  • Free up painted windows
  • Minor painting
  • Replace thermostat
The labor for this service is free. The only cost to the homeowner is for the materials needed to complete the job.

How Do I Get Help?
  • Contact Jennifer Furlong at the Gillham Recreation Center: 248-541-3030 or
  • Complete a Request for Work Form in person at the Gillham Recreation Center between 9 am – 5pm, Monday – Friday. 
  • Complete a Request for Work Form online by clicking here: Request for Work Form and email the form to
If you are interested in being a volunteer worker for HARP, please contact Jennifer Furlong at 248.541.3030 or

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