Public Safety (Police & Fire)

Residential Services
In addition to the Community Notification Service “Nixle” which provides a quick, efficient, and secure way to get neighborhood-level information out to community members who subscribe to the system via text message (SMS) and e-mail alerts, Public Safety offers the following additional service to the community.  Additional Services provided by Public Safety.

Kindcall:  This is an automatic telephone calling service for residents who are reassured of personal safety by daily phone calls by the Public Safety Department.  A Public Safety Dispatcher calls the resident daily at a pre-approved time.  If no one answers the phone, a Public Safety officer responds to the home to assure the resident is safe.  The service is upon request, and with charge, and can be obtained by calling the Public Safety Department at 248-541-1180.

Residential Knox-Box Service:  The Knox Company has been the leading provider in the Rapid Access Solutions to the fire service, government and security industries for more that 30 years.  The Knox-Box Residential Program is an extension of the Knox Rapid Entry system that provides first responders with safe and immediate entry into a residential property in the event of an alarm or an emergency.  Residents who are interested in the program should contact the Public Safety Department at 248-541-1180 for written approval and program information.

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