Public Safety (Police & Fire)

Traffic Safety Division

Department of Public Safety
Traffic Safety Division
Public Safety: Lieutenant Spencer

12755 W. Eleven Mile Rd.
                   Huntington Woods, MI 48070  
Telephone: 248-541-1180
Fax: 248-541-3837

Office Hours:
8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The primary focus of this Division is to identify and monitor traffic safety-related issues in Huntington Woods and to field citizen concerns and complaints related to them. Some of the services provided by this division include:

  • Periodic utilization of traffic monitoring devices that determine traffic volumes and speeds in select areas
  • Placement of a speed monitoring trailer to remind drivers of their speeds, particularly in residential areas
  • Supervision and training of adult school crossing guards
  • Providing pedestrian and bike safety education at area schools
  • Implementation of “traffic calming strategies” in areas where excessive speeds have been problematic
  • Assisting the elementary school with their student safety patrols
  • Identifying and correcting hazardous situations that occur on or around school property related to parents, children, safety patrols, and traffic flows
  • Conducting traffic studies to identify and correct hazardous conditions related to speeds, volumes, and crashes
  • Investigating and following up on hit-and-run crashes
  • Working closely with city and county road construction projects 
  • Supporting and participating in state-wide enforcement/education programs such as child restraint campaigns and impaired driving initiatives 
Sgt. Brockdorff will be responsible for Traffic Safety research and data collection.  He will also be working with TIA (Traffic Improvement Association of Michigan) regarding future traffic issues

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