Environmental Services (Sanitation)

Collection Information

ALL recycling, yard waste (in season) and trash are collected on Tuesdays between 7am - 6pm (see list of exceptions below).  NOTHING should be placed at the curb prior to 4 PM the day before, and all containers should be removed by mid-night the day of collection.  You may be ticketed if you do not follow these guidelines.

If for any reason your materials are missed, your should notify DPW no later than Wednesday at noon by email or phone (248-547-1888). Tringali cannot collect recycling except on Tuesday. If your recycling is missed, please remove your cart from the curb, notify DPW and let us know if you need a loaner for the week. We will gladly drop off an extra cart or provide you with large clear bags for additional recycling.

Recycling will normally be placed in your recycling cart (most are 64 gallon capacity)
1.  You may have more than one cart and the cart size and color do vary.
2.  ALL recyclables can be co-mingled in your cart or bag.

Yard Waste (curbside collection from the first full week of April through the second Tuesday in December)
1.  Yard waste should be placed in containers no larger than 35 gallon capacity with yard waste stickers prominently displayed.  Stickers are available at no cost at DPW and City Hall.  Brown yard waste bags may also be used.
2.  No container should exceed 50 pounds or bag, 40 pounds.
3.  Sticks can be bundled with twine or put in containers or bags.
4.  If you only have fresh fruit and vegetable scraps, DPW has a small curbside container available for purchase at DPW.
5.  During winter months, you can save your yard waste or take it in brown paper yard waste bags to SOCRRA's facility on Coolidge.  There is NO charge for SOCRRA community residents during the winter months.  It is illegal, in Michigan, to put yard waste in a landfill at any time.

Trash (material headed to a landfill)
1.  Containers CANNOT exceed 35 gallon capacity nor weigh more than 60 pounds.
2.  Bulk items can be placed at the curb for pick up along with trash containers.  You need not call to schedule a special pickup.


Why wasn't my recycling, yard waste (in season) or garbage picked up?

Items for collection need to be at the curb by 7:00 AM Tuesday, collection day, or it may be missed. Remember that nothing can go to the curb before 4 PM the night before. Schedules can vary from the pickup time you’re accustomed to due to weather conditions, the number of trucks Tringali has on the road, seasonal road construction projects or unusually heavy or light loads.  Remember, both sides of the street may not be collected at the same time.  In addition, your yard waste or garbage cans might have been left because they were too heavy (max: yard waste, 50 pounds; trash, 60 pounds), or the containers were more than 35 gallons in capacity.  Bulk recyclable items may be picked up by a separate truck which follows a different schedule from the regular garbage truck.

What should I do if my things really have been missed?
If your things have been missed, contact DPW by phone, 248.547.1888, or by email, hwdpw@hwmi.org Tuesday night or first-thing Wednesday morning.  We wil contact the trash hauler to pick up what was missed. 

Which holidays affect my garbage collection schedule?
There are six holidays during the year when garbage collection is not scheduled: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day (never affects HW), and Christmas Day.  If one of these holidays falls on a Monday or Tuesday, recycling, yard waste (in season) and trash will be picked up one day late.


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