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2024 Trash and Recycling Collection Dates of Note:
Unless noted below, trash and recycling collection is not delayed, and all items should be at the curb by 7:00 am on Tuesdays.

Christmas 2023: Collection delayed to Wed, 12/27/23
New Year’s 2024: Delayed until Wed, 1/3/24
Bagged Yard Waste Collection Begins:  Tues, 4/2/24
Memorial Day: Collection delayed until Wed, 5/29/24
Independence Day: No delay in collection
Labor Day: Collection delayed to Wed, 9/4/24
Thanksgiving: No change
Last Bagged Yard Waste Pickup: Tues, 12/10/24
Christmas 2024:  No delay in collection
New Year's 2025:  No delay in collection

Discarding Non-Recyclable Items:

Irregular Items -
Large items such as sofas, mattresses and household furniture are picked up as trash. Carpeting, Padding and treated or painted Wood must be folded or cut to no more than 4 ft in length and tied or taped in bundles not to exceed 60 pounds. Remove or pound down nails.  Untreated wood clear of nails can be added to yard waste bags or containers during the season.

Broken glass/mirrors
- break large items up and wrap in heavy paper or cloth and put out with regular trash. Mark as GLASS. It is best if it will fit in a container.

Food waste-
 meat and dairy waste, cooked vegetable and fruit scraps - you may want to freeze these items before putting in your trash to discourage critters.  Fresh vegetable and fruit scraps, however,  can go out with yard waste during the season.  If you do not have yard waste and want to set these at the curb for collection, a curbside container is now available on sale at DPW at our cost.  This can be used during yard waste season only.

Bulk items- these can go to the curb along with trash for Tuesday collection.  Please remember that it is against the law to remove recyclable materials (e.g. metal) from the curb.  Please separate recyclables from trash. To recycle metal, you may take scrap metal to SOCRRA's facility on Coolidge in Troy.

If you do have something usable, try to give it away first to one of the local charities before discarding it.  Remember reuse is better than recycling and much better than landfilling!

General donations:    Additional Information
Furniture Bank of Southeast Michigan  248.332.1300 furniture-bank.org/
Grace Centers of Hope  855.435.7424 gracecentersofhope.org
Humble Design, Inc  248.243.7144  humbledesign.org
Council re|sale Thrift Store 248.548.6664 councilresale.net
Vietnam Vets  1.800.775.8387 vva.org
For durable medical items:    
  World Medical Relief 313.866.5333 worldmedicalrelief.org
For tools/wood/building materials/cabinets/fixtures:    
  Habitat for Humanity 313.653.4890 habitatoakland.org

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