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Yard Waste/Chipping


When does yard waste season begin and end?
Yard Waste Collection begins the first full week of April and ends the 2nd Tuesday of December.  Check the calendar for start and end dates.  YARD WASTE IS PICKED UP ON TUESDAYS ONLY.  Bags and containers CANNOT go to the curb until 4 PM Mondays for Tuesday collection.
         *Off Season, yard waste may be taken to SOCRRA at no charge.*

What is included in yard waste?
Check the SOCRRA yard waste guidelines for the most up - to - date information.  Information on other organics that are acceptable and the compost that comes back to us can be found on this SOCRRA flier.

In addition to what one would normally call yard waste, you may put small branches, twigs or sticks shorter than 4 ft in length and smaller than 2” in diameter in yard waste cans with stickers or tall brown bags or they can be secured with twine. Logs, root balls and untreated 2x4 and 4x4 wood, cut shorter than 4’, can also be placed in containers or tied, with twine, only, for collection.

Chipping continues throughout the year on Wednesdays, except during leaf season and severe weather.  Branches must be between 2" and 6" in diameter and over 4' in length.  Place these stacked neatly, with the butt ends facing towards or parallel to the street.  Small bushes will be chipped as long as the root system has been removed.

The photos below show examples of materials that do not meet the chipping requirements:
IMG_8655 (1) - Copy - Copy IMG_8652 (1) (1) - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy IMG_8651 (1) (1) - Copy - Copy

Christmas trees are chipped on Wednesdays along with other chipping. Be sure all ornaments and tinsel are removed. Remove any tarp or cloth and the stand.

During Leaf Season, mid-October through Thanksgiving, leaves may be raked into the street for vacuuming by DPW.  DO NOT put any other material in the leaf piles.  The vacuums cannot handle plant matter, plant roots with dirt, sticks or twigs. When possible, leaf collection from the street is extended past Thanksgiving.  Be sure to call DPW (248.547.1888) to find out the last day on your street.  Leaves can go curbside with yard waste until the 2nd Tuesday of December and can be taken to SOCRRA after that.

Remember that leaves make wonderful mulch when chopped by a lawn mower for your lawn, or as winter cover for your perennials or annual beds.  They will decompose over the winter and can be worked into the soil in the spring.


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