Fall: Leaf Vacuuming

The Department of Public Works vacuums leaves each fall as a service to Huntington Woods residents.  These leaves are transported to SOCRRA's compost site in Rochester Hills where they are combined with other yard waste, green material, and turned into compost which is returned to the City for residents to enjoy during the growing season.

To have your leaves vacuumed, they should be raked into the street and placed close to the curb.  If you prefer, you may put leaves in yard waste bags or containers to be collected on Tuesdays during Yard Waste season (early April to mid December).

Collection Season:
Leaf Pickup to Continue through week after Thanksgiving*

* Weather permitting, there will be limited pick-up after the holiday weekend as the trucks MUST be prepared for snow removal.  Alternately, leaves can be placed at the curb in yard waste bags or containers for Yard Waste collection through the 2nd Tuesday of December December.  After this, leaves can be used as protection for plants, transported to SOCRRA's facility in Troy or saved until spring Yard Waste collection begins the first full week of April.

Collection Schedule:
DPW employees try to vacuum every street each week. Due to heavy volume and wet weather, it may take longer. There is a route that the department does follow so that every street is done and records are kept.  Due to safety considerations, there are some locations that may be vacuumed more often, for example, Borgman, Nadine and Lincoln hills.

PLEASE DO NOT PARK CARS IN THE STREET DURING LEAF SEASON. Residents are asked to remove sticks, stones, glass or debris of any kind from the leaves. Your diligence, patience and understanding is appreciated.

11 MILE RESIDENTS - Please rake leaves onto the easement each week for the City to vacuum on Thursday after lunch.

Note:  BURNING LEAVES PROHIBITED The City prohibits the outside burning of leaves and other materials


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