Streets & Fleet

Streets & Fleet

City Streets
The Streets Division of the Public Works Department strives to provide a safe, high quality public street system for the citizens of Huntington Woods. We promote short and long range planning, maintenance, and capital improvement goals for maintaining and improving the public street system and its associated appurtenances. 

The Streets Division is responsible for the maintenance of multiple aspects of the City's infrastructure. This includes pavement surface repair and maintenance, pavement markings, street signs, storm drain systems, sweeping, snow removal, leaf vacuuming and city tree trimming, removal and planting.

Fleet Division
The Fleet Division is responsible for the procurement and maintenance of all City vehicles and equipment, including city buses, police vehicles and fire equipment. There are approximately 55 units in the City fleet. By employing a stringent specification process when purchasing new vehicles and an aggressive maintenance program with an emphasis on preventative maintenance, we are able to provide the City of Huntington Woods an efficient, professional, well running fleet.

          Our head mechanic is Doug Wozniak
          Our back-up mechanic is Ian Nock


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