If you have any additional questions regarding your sewer, please contact the Department of Public Works office during regular working hours Monday - Friday, 8:00 A.M. - 3:30 P.M. at 248.547.1888.

I got a door hanger telling me that DPW could not read my meter. What does this mean and what happens next?

Isn't my meter outside?  Why does DPW need to come inside my house?

I think I have a very high water bill, what can I do?

What if I feel there are no leaks and my water bill is still high?

If my water is off because of a water main break, when will the water be turned back on?

Why does my water look cloudy or rusty?

If the reason for the cloudy and/or rusty appearance in the water is caused from the reasons stated in the previous answer, then the answer is "YES."

Why does my water sometimes look cloudy or yellowish when I return home after the water has been off for awhile?

I am having a plumber change the valve on the city side of my water meter, how can I get the water turned off?

What causes low water pressure?

What should I do if my street is flooded?

What do I do if there is water backing up in my basement?

Whose responsibility is it if I have a problem with my sewer line located between the property line and the main sewer?

Cleaning Up After Basement Water


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