Water / Sewer Department


As the department that oversees the City's sewer system, DPW is responsible for the maintenance of approximately 36 miles of sewers (sanitary and storm) throughout the Community.

Throughout the year, DPW performs various tasks including:
-  Sanitary Sewer Cleaning
-  Maintenance and Normal Repairs
-  Cleaning city catch basins prior to the application of a larvicide to treat against West Nile Virus
-  Removal of debris from catch basin tops to allow the slow, but even flow of rain water into the system.

There may be times during the year when you may pick up a whiff of sewer odor either in the street or in your basement.  In most cases, this is because the drain has become dry and the debris trapped is decomposing rather than being sent through the system.  This can be alleviated by pouring some water down the drain to increase flow and allow the water to absorb some of the ammonia odor.

City's Waste Water System

Huntington Woods is part of the Clinton River Watershed.  Our waste water is handled by the Oakland County Water Resources Commission through the GWK (George W Kuhn) Drainage District.  The WRC provides the residents of Oakland County with some excellent resources.  Follow this link for An Overview of the GWK Retention Treatment Facility and the August 11, 2014 Wet Weather Event

Miscellaneous Information
During extremely heavy downpours, the main barrels or trunk lines become filled to capacity, thus causing a back-up. Fortunately, these types of rainfalls are normally few and far between. If you experience a flooded street during working hours, M-F 7:30 am - 3:30 pm, please contact Public Service at 248.547.1888 and we will dispatch a worker. As always, residents can assist the City by removing debris from the top of the catch basin after the storm has stopped or lessened. Thank you for any help you can provide.  Our goal is to have rain water enter the system slowly.


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