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Rebroadcasts of City  Sponsored Programs

  • Great Lakes Water Authority, An Update on the move from DWSD: Mark Jacobs, resident and attorney with Dykema Gossett, and Jeff McKeen, SOCWA General Manager; October 14, 2015
  • Southeast Michigan Climate, Rich Pollman, National Weather Service Spokesperson discusses the variables and rationale regarding the ever-changing weather landscape in Michigan.
  • Getting your water from Here to....... There!  Jeff McKeen of the Southe Oakland County Water Authority gives a very interesting talk onthe dynamics of bring clean water to your tap..... what it takes to brng it to your door. February 2017.
  • Do it Yourself Friendly Lawncare.  Abby LAne from the Clinton Watershead Council presents ways in which your green lawn ... CAN REALLY BE GREEN!...that is.... ways to keep you lawn in top shape while not being too harmfull to our environment.