Leaf Pickup Update

It takes a full work week to get the leaf pickup completed.  Our final pickups are done over the entire week of Nov 28 – Dec 2.  The map indicates the last date for your neighborhood. Inclement weather (and Thanksgiving)  can put us a day or so behind,  and we occasionally get a little ahead, but the map is a good guideline. Residents can help enormously by not parking in the street during business hours, not putting other materials in the leaf piles, and by getting the majority of leaves out as soon as possible. 

Once the bulk pickup is done, we have to scramble to convert those trucks for handling snow and ice, so the requests to “just come by with a leaf truck” can’t be honored.  Remaining leaves can be bagged in tall paper bags or put in cans with YARD WASTE stickers for Tuesday pickup by our trash hauler until December 13th.

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