Statement from City Commission regarding the Huntington Woods 4 Black Lives Matter Group

Residents may have recently received communications from a group called Huntington Woods 4 Black Lives (HW4BL).  We would like to clarify that the group is not the City Commission nor is it an official City Committee. 

We appreciate the passion and energy from the HW4BL group and believe we share a common goal to make Huntington Woods a more diverse, equitable and inclusive City. To that end, the City Commission adopted an Anti-racism Plan  in October 2020.  It was  developed over the summer with help from Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) residents and input from  the broader community.  We believe it reflects the voices and priorities of Huntington Woods BIPOC residents and is a meaningful first step and action-oriented plan.  We consider the Plan a starting point that provides a framework for a community-engagement process in which we work together to help Huntington Woods be an even more welcoming and inclusive place to live, work, play, raise a family, and retire in.

One of the goals in the plan is “to examine, adjust, and change local public policies that may unintentionally uphold racism.”  In order to better understand the Public Safety Department policies and operations,  the City is developing a presentation to explain the Public Safety Department budget and descriptions of policies such as Use of Force.  We hope this presentation will offer residents a better understanding of the variety of services provided by the Public Safety Department and how the Department operates. 

If residents have specific questions or concerns regarding this statement or the questions/topics that could be addressed in the upcoming presentation, please forward them to City Manager Amy Sullivan at or 248.581.2632

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