Bulk Leaf Pickup Began 10/09
The DPW began the process of vacuuming leaves from the street on Monday, October 9, and will continue until December 1.  Please make the most of this service by adhering to the following:
  • Please avoid parking on the street between 7am and 3pm.  If we are forced to go around cars, we may not be able to return until the following week. 
  • The only acceptable material in the leaf pile is leaves.  We cannot vacuum sticks or branches, pumpkins, potted plants, vines, cornstalks, straw bales, grass clippings, ornamental grasses, etc.  Those items are fine for Tuesday Yard Waste pickup in bags or in cans with stickers.   
  • Schedule your final leaf blowing well before December 1, as it takes five full days to get through the city once.  Please plan to have your leaves out on the previous weekend (11/25-11/26).  Granted, not all leaves will have fallen, but there will still be two weeks left of yard waste pickup (bagged or in stickered cans). Tringali will continue to pick up bagged leaves with regular Tuesday pickup until December 12.  
  • We take the leaf trucks down every street once per week.  We cannot send the truck back if you’ve missed your pickup for the week. 

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