Got Cardboard?

The COVID pandemic has changed a lot of things and one is the uptick in online ordering and a lot more cardboard boxing.  The City’s contract with our rubbish hauler requires that ALL recycling material needs to be in the recycling cart to be picked up.  That language is not new but pre-pandemic the contractor was willing to pick up loose cardboard if it was clear that it was meant to be recycled and was easy to pick up because it was an infrequent occurrence.

Since the pandemic, the rubbish hauler is more frequently coming across situation like this:  
bins-and-boxes bins-and-flat-boxes

Starting April 1st, all cardboard must be placed in a recycling cart or it will be disposed of with the rubbish.  Residents interested in a second recycling cart can order one from the City.  Thanks to a grant from the Men’s Club, we have carts available on a first come, first serve basis for $25 each instead of $50.   Please fill out this form and submit a check  for $25 and the cart will be delivered to you by City staff.  The cart is slightly larger than the first cart that is provided at no charge to residents.  Here is a side by side comparison of the two carts with the larger cart being the one available for purchase.

The City will not be providing a dumpster for collection of cardboard because it has been tried in the past to collect scrap metal and ended up being used for dumping rubbish.  That meant the scrap metal could no longer be recycled because it was contaminated so the service was discontinued.





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