2024 Road Projects


In the coming weeks, residents will begin to see evidence of upcoming roadwork. Here are the projects for 2024:

Mill and Fill  
Lincoln: repairing curb, removing asphalt, and resurfacing (“mill and fill”) Lincoln from Allor to just west of Dundee. This will be done in three phases to avoid closing an entire major road. Curb work could start in the 2nd week of April or so. 

Full Reconstruction with new curbs, storm sewers, water main, and asphalt
Ludlow: Ludlow reconstruction will go from Scotia to Meadowcrest.
Sherwood: Sherwood reconstruction will go from Henley to Roycourt.
Berkley: Berkley reconstruction will go from Winchester to Vernon.
Meadowcrest: Meadowcrest reconstruction will go from Ludlow to Borgman.

The projects will likely occur in the order on this list, starting at the end of May and ending at the end of October.

The DPW will build email lists for each street to get information to affected residents, with street-specific information, schedules, and suggestions. Please watch for letters on your door, as well. To get an early spot on the email lists, residents can email hwdpw@hwmi.org, with your name, address, and a phone number.

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